Friday, 7 March 2014

i am telling about the unit we have finish.
the unit was energy i got some fun in this unit because we did some models.the most i like in this unit is the exhibition because there was fun explaining the parents about the magnet energy.2 i like is making models because  we get fun.the3 i like in this unit is the four corners it is like mam give us a question we should go to agree,completely agree,disagree,completely disagree or confuse.the summative assessment was really boring.i like the formative assessment.i think this unit was some boring butt the 4 corners and exhibition was fun.THANK YOU for reading my blog

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  1. Well reflected, Umar!
    You don't need to begin every reflection with 'I will tell you about...' because you aren't really 'telling' anything!!
    Can you think of any other learning engagements???